As a federal law enforcement officer working assignments CONUS and OCONUS, you have to be both physically and mentally prepared for a physical confrontation. At 3 Range Combatives, Chad Lebrun combines situational awareness, physical preparedness, practical techniques and most important, mental mindset, into a system that works. I have been training with Chad for six years and during the course of several law enforcement missions I have used several of Chad’s techniques to turn a hostile event into a controlled situation. Chad Lebrun’s attention to detail, ability to instruct, knowledge of the topic and a high level of experience makes 3 Range Combatives very easy to adapt into your combatives ‘tool box’.
Federal Law Enforcement Officer

After more than 20 years of active duty service as a U.S. Marine and 32 years of service in the Department of Defense supporting special and conventional military operations, I understand the dangers our ground forces face and the weapons they require to defend themselves. In extreme cases, those weapons may include hand-to-hand combat in life and death scenarios…and that’s when I’m glad our U.S. military personnel and national law enforcement agencies have access to the training that 3-Range Combatives and Chad LeBrun provide. When it really counts…on the battlefield or the streets of the tough inner-city, the services of 3-Range Combatives may just save your life!!
Mike M.
Major, U.S.M.C., Retired

Chad LeBrun is flat out one of the best instructors I’ve seen in 22 years of service. His set of skills is second to none. He is an engaging teacher whose hallmark is his ability to instantly adapt curriculum, methodology, and delivery to his audience. He is as dynamic and engaging coach as any I have ever seen.
LTC David D.
US Army
Level 4 (Tactical) Modern Army Combatives Instructor JJJ Black Belt
BJJ Blue Belt

Chad LeBrun is hands down the best Combatives Insturctor I have ever worked with! I thought I new a good bit about fighting being in the military and having taken many different combatives courses, but Chad really opened my eyes to high level techniques. It is the most practical and realistic training course I have ever been to, and to top it off Chad is a great Instructor. He is very knowledgable, and is hands down one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He makes you feel what it is like to really be in a fight. What your mind and body can handle, and he does it in a way that makes you feel like you are constantly improving and you leave the course with the confidence that you could really handle yourself in a real life situation. I highly recommend his services to any department wanting combatives training!
Jeff K.