3 Range Combatives curriculums are offered in three separate Programs of Instruction, including:

3RC Basic

Duration: 2 weeks

The 3RC Basic course introduces the core techniques and elements of 3RC system. 3RC Basic is a two week regimen. The first week of instruction is dedicated to examining the three ranges of combat, and includes a module dedicated to each wherein core techniques are explained. Follow on (week 2) instruction includes a transition to application of said techniques in the modern tactical environment and is focused on venue and team specific-scenario based instruction. Scenarios incorporate the full spectrum of conditions typically encountered and incorporate the use of “live venues”, role players and other realistic training vectors. The “team” component of these operations is stressed as is subject/target control-defeat-restraint.

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3RC Advanced

Duration: 1 week

The 3RC advanced course further examines unique tactical problems encountered by high risk surgical and precision tactical teams. The advanced course offers supplementary techniques that complement the core curriculum and address other unique considerations such as: singleton ‘survival’ when/if physically separated from support force, restraint options, non-standard weapons systems (field expedient tools), and overwhelming force considerations (multiples). Students must be 3RC Basic graduates, this curriculum is primarily scenario and simulation exercise based.

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3RC Custom (Specialty) Programs

Duration: 1 week

3RC Custom packages are built after consultation with client/customer – specialty (a la carte) module options include, but may not be limited to:

  • Low visibility/covert/undercover Operations
  • Open air venues and operations
  • Vehicle extrication operations
  • Confined space (train-bus-aircraft) operations

Any officers/operators interested in 3RC training regimens or curriculums are encouraged to contact Mr. Chad Lebrun for a free-of-cost consultation to answer additional questions. Potential students should be prepared to demonstrate their membership in a law enforcement and/or military-special operations tactical entity.

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