Chad LeBrun
Chad LeBrun
Founder & Owner of
The Lab Mixed Martial Arts Studio
3-Range Combatives System
Get Home Safe Program (Women’s Escape and Evade Program)

Professional titles and accolades

  • Undefeated professional MMA fighter/competitor, 4-0 retired from Pro fighting in 2001 to pursue 3RC full time
  • World Sport Ju-Jitsu Champion, Leeds, United Kingdom; 2000
  • Pan American games medalist, Rio De janerio, Brazil; 1999
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt (BJJ); 2013
  • Certified Modern Army Combtaives Program (MACP)
  • Worked with the Army, Navy, Marines, DOD, DEA, FBI, and many other groups and units(recommendations available upon request)
  • Contracted to teach female employees at JWAC going over sea’s escape and evade techniques
  • Founder and Author of GET HOME SAFE (The Course and the book)
  • Founder of The LAB MMA Fredericksburg, VA 2001-present
  • Professional and discreet


Chad Lebrun has spent his lifetime of training, studying, developing, and most importantly applying “reality based” defensive tactics and combative techniques and procedures. Specifically, Chad has exposed himself to virtually every permutation of traditional (and modern) martial arts system(s) including: striking (boxing, Muy Thai, kick boxing), grappling (wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, judo, Japanese Jiu Jitsu), and weapons (modern/western blade, firearms, Kali) based programs – giving him a wide breadth of knowledge and true expertise in the field of defensive tactics and combative.

Early Days

Chad LeBrun’s main Goal has always been self-defense, but MMA back in the old days was not even called MMA it was called Vale Tudo. The Fights were no gloves and no time limits and only had 3 rules, no biting, no eye gouging and no fish hooking. So it was a great testing ground for what really works in a physical attack. Minus situational awareness and weapons. Chad also worked in the personal defense, protection, and security industries where he consistently tested and employed these techniques in live, unconstrained environments and situations against determined opponents – thereby identifying the most effective and relevant technique catalogue. This “live environment” research eventually gave birth to the 3 Range Combatives (3RC) theories and principals still in use today.


Chad has worked tirelessly to further engineer, improve, and develop 3RC for the full time tactical (Law Enforcement – SWAT) and special operations (SOF) community. Presently, Chad instructs elements of all branches of the Department of Defense in his basic system(s), and was hand-selected to work with elements of the special operations community in order to provide custom instruction for advanced elements of 3RC. Chad furthermore instructs components of the Department of Justice, including the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Chad has been nominated to act as the primary combatives instructor for elite SWAT and full-time tactical unit(s).


As an educator, coach, and student of combatives Chad continues to refine his programs of instruction and improve his individual-professional credential(s). Always Trying to keep the sword sharp. Knowing that you must always be open minded and evolve.


Chad refuses to accept “good enough” for his technique menus and courses, and has used a decade of true-to-life testing and feedback to create a “living” course with personal editing and evolution that puts put him and his courses of instruction head and shoulders above similar systems in this field.